How to Stay Safe this Cyber Monday?

On the first Monday after Thanksgiving Day, retailers are throwing Cyber Monday sale. They are giving the customers an opportunity to get the products they want online at affordable prices

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Cyber Monday Deals

Check the sellers

People are free to enjoy their online shopping experience, but being cautious is a must. That’s how you can save yourself from unsecured sellers. In other words, it is the smartest decision to stick to trusted, reputable websites like Amazon and eBay. The sellers found there and the websites themselves can protect you as a customer at all times. During this period, it is not unusual for relatively new sellers with no reviews behind them to contact prospective buyers and offer them Cyber Monday deals that look incredibly attractive. In most cases, these sellers are simply scammers. Use review websites, forums, and discussion boards to find out more about the sellers you are interested in.

Learn more about the warning signs

One of the most common warning signs that something is wrong is when a seller sends an email even though you cannot remember when you shared your email info with that seller. This is how usually scammers work today because they know that people are still checking their emails and if the email message looks professional they might trick the user to click on the link that will install malicious content on their computer.

Stay safe this Cyber Monday by following these simple tips.

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