Cyber Monday is an exclusively online 24 hours shopping extravaganza. It calls to the Monday right away following Black Friday and thanksgiving, ending a four-day mega sale-weekend to shoppers where they get to search the best online deals with the heavenly discounted rates from the comfort of their homes. It’s their time to shop till they drop from couch because buyers are not going anywhere to shop. Shoppers here are just a click away from purchasing their stuff at awesome bargains.


This whole notion was originated as means of extending the black Friday shopping madness as retailers prefer to low down the prices to increase the sales in start of Christmas till black Friday but no later than Monday buyers are compelled to return to their working places with shopping madness continued not walking through the stores but using their office computers to online shop round the clock. That’s how cyber born was come into action. Also it is considered to first launch in 2005; Ellen Davis originated the phrase in “Cyber Monday Quickly Becoming One of the Biggest Online Shopping Days of the Year”.


It is a known fact that Black Friday and cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping days of the whole year; former is in-store and online as well whereas latter is online-only. Here people get to buy great items at bargained prices with some time limitations. When people shop online they do some mistakes too while directing their gaze only for great Deals, they forget to look after their very own common sense sometimes. People show very much uncared behavior in making purchase through un-verified websites. Some tips to shop online with safety are:

  • Verifying is the key, as every site has HTTP so look for S-ICON (stands for security) or lock/key icon in the URL of websites.
  • Second factor is take caution for fake vouchers offers as these vouchers claim some discounted offer and coupons for you in just filling information and personal details. Here hackers can misuse it so keep in view the safety always.
  • Third tip is to look for delivery failure emails. If your mailbox has messages from amazon or BestBuy apologizing that your gift can’t be delivered. However those emails are sent by hacker and what happens when you click it you welcome a virus into your device.